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Postal mail address: X-Ways AG
PO box 62 02 08
50695 Cologne
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X-Ways AG
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32257 Bünde
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General and technical inquiries: mail@x-ways.com
Please check program help or user manual first.
Training inquiries:


Quote/price requests, orders: for new licenses
for upgrades/renewals

Immediate availability.
Sales inquiries: sales@x-ways.com

This is where to send a purchase order if you have a quote from us (i.e. X-Ways) and where you can ask if you have special requirements not covered by our web site.

FAQ: Can we get a quote? Yes, gladly, at any time, usually within 1 minute, please see the links above.

FAQ: Do you sell to resellers? Yes, quite often. To order licenses for resale, please enter
separate billing and licensee contacts in the online order form. Sorry, we do not offer reseller discounts.

FAQ: Do you recommend buying through a reseller? Only if if you absolutely have to buy from a local source or
require special terms or extra work. Otherwise not because of higher prices for you, and this more than doubles the
risk that something goes wrong: wrong product ordered by reseller, wrong license type ordered, wrong copy protection
method selected (e.g. network dongle preference not specified), wrong delivery address specified, wrong delivery option,
delivery missing or lost, order duplication, unnecessary delay and unnecessary communication back and forth, ...
If you pay your reseller, but the reseller does not pay us, then it will become your problem because we will consider
your license invalid. And please note that whoever selects a reseller will have to pay for the reseller's margin.

FAQ: What is your return policy? All orders are final. We do not accept returns usually if the wrong
product variant is ordered.

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