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cleverbridge processes online orders on our behalf (and if you pay by credit card, they will charge it).

If you need or prefer to buy from a local source, please find some of our international partners below.

China: CFLab
Australia: CBIT Forensics
Switzerland: ARINA electronic
Japan: dit Co., Ltd.
Korea: RedEye Forensics, JETCO Technology, INSEC Security
Poland: ProCertiv, ForSec
Spain: Insectra
Taiwan: iForensics Digital Inc., Linksoft Inc.
Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus: Forensic Technologies Ltd.
Ukraine: EPOS Computer Forensics Lab
Turkey: EMT Electronics Engineering Ltd., DIFOSE Ltd.
South Africa: Risk Diversion PTY (LTD)
Croatia: INsig2 d.o.o.
Italy: Yarix

Mexico: H-11 Digital Forensics


Reseller companies in India in no particular order: TISH, Software ONE, Cyint, 3rd Eye, FFT, Subha, AB&D, Oxytech, DevTools, Pelorus, eSec Forte, AKS, Pyramid, Lab Systems, Secure India


Resellers in the USA

Our specially appointed US-based sales partner is cleverbridge Inc. As a US customer you can order from them starting on our main order page.

Any other company may resell our software, as we confirm in our license agreement.  There are various companies in the US that sometimes procure our software on behalf of US customers who wish to buy from a local source.

- Ace Technology Partners, LLC
- Alliance Micro Inc.
- Blue Tech Inc.
- Code 4 Forensics
- CompSec
- Government Acquisitions
- Govplace
- Impres Technology Solutions, Inc.
- Insight
- Lyme Computer Systems
- Red River Computer Co., Inc.
- Silicon Forensics
- Softchoice Corp.
- Sterling Computers
- Teel Technologies