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Major customers, i.e. government agencies and corporations that select X-Ways software for their computer forensics needs on a large scale and that have earned Silver or Gold status, benefit from direct access to additional in-depth technical documentation (with the same level of detail as used internally at X-Ways), from some computer forensics training and demonstration materials for X-Ways Forensics, and many more useful offers.

Small companies and individual users do not need to be disappointed: They enjoy other advantages, for example they can quickly react without bureaucratic hurdles on very special time-limited offers as we announce them occasionally on Twitter and Facebook, for example on the weekend, where larger corporations and government agencies miss out.


Your Special Perks as a Customer with Silver Status

  • 15% minimum discount on all X-Ways software products (for new licenses, for orders placed directly with X-Ways AG or cleverbridge AG, not in conjunction with or in addition to other agreements or discounts like volume discounts, not for upgrades/renewals of existing licenses, please contact us with information about which product and license variant you would like to order and mention your status)

  • Once per calendar year, you may request 1 temporary license for X-Ways Forensics for every 10 loyalty points (see below) for 1 month at no cost, for example when the workload is even bigger than usually. If you have 20 points, then 2 such licenses, with 30 points 3 such licenses, etc. Please make sure that all your points have been counted properly when you make the inquiry, to get the maximum reward, as you have only one such chance per year. Unused temporary licenses will be forfeited.  No waiting time for a dongle, thanks to BYOD. You may freely choose the exact desired start date of your temporary licenses (the same start date for all licenses, within the same calendar year). If you do not specify your preference, it will be from the day when we process your request.

  • When signing up for a fully booked class with a waiting list, you will enjoy the waiting list priority for the next higher rate type.

  • 10% discount on the X-PERT certification for all employees of your organization (not in addition to other percentage discounts)

  • Documentation of the .e01 file format (X-Ways Forensics evidence files, compatible with competing products)

  • Documentation of the .xhd file format (X-Ways Forensics hash database files)

  • Documentation of the timezone.dat file format (time zone definitions)

  • Keyword search exercise incl. image

  • Exercise image for finding pictures hidden with various sophisticated methods

  • Exercise images for reconstructing various RAID systems

  • Explanation and demonstration image for the lost partition detection concept

  • More demonstration images, X-Ways Replica training material

These resources must not be shared with any 3rd party under any circumstances.



Your Exclusive Privileges as a Customer with Gold Status

  • Of course, all the benefits of Silver status.

  • Obviously, you will receive more temporary licenses for free, proportionally depending on your points.

  • All employees may sign up to our publicly advertised classes with a 10% discount, on request. Applies to the government rate, regular rate or flexible rate (if the rate is still available). Cannot be combined with other agreements, terms and discounts. 

  • Previous attendees of our training can request an electronic copy of the latest revision of our X-Ways Forensics course training material within 4 years after the training for their own use.

  • Documentation of the file systems XWFS and XWFS2 (used in X-Ways Forensics evidence file containers)

  • Documentation of the .xfc file format (X-Ways Forensics case files)

  • Priority contact e-mail address 

These resources must not be shared with any 3rd party under any circumstances.


How to achieve Silver or Gold Status

It is our customers with 20 loyalty points or more who are awarded Silver status.
With 50 loyalty points you reach the
Gold status level.

Each of the following qualifies for and maintains 1 loyalty point:

  • 1 perpetual license for X-Ways Forensics with active access to updates

  • 2 active non-perpetual licenses for X-Ways Forensics

  • 3 licenses for X-Ways Investigator (not CTR) with active access to updates

  • 20 perpetual specialist licenses for WinHex with active access to updates

  • 20 active non-perpetual licenses for WinHex Specialist

  • 18 active non-perpetual licenses for WinHex Lab Edition

  • 1 attendee of the X-Ways Forensics training course delivered by us (X-Ways), no more than 3 years ago (in case of on-site training delivered to 1 particular organization no more than 5 loyalty points per class).

Licenses purchased with special educational volume discount or (if never upgraded) at a special rate in conjunction with training do not qualify. Colleges and university enjoy special discounts for licenses for educational purposes, but those licenses do not count in this program.

Loyalty points are accumulated within the same organization. Loyalty points for software licenses are calculated automatically on request when you query your license status, for licenses that are connected with the same e-mail address. Connecting additional e-mail addresses with your licenses in our database is no problem, just let us know. Points resulting from training have to be added manually on request. You can gladly let us know your preferences, which employee's attendance when/where should be connected with your e-mail address. However, for each attempt/contact that you make to get points credited for training that does not satisfy the above-mentioned clear criteria, you may get 1 penalty point instead.

When you reach one of the status levels according to your license status query, you will be granted access to a special member area on our web site automatically and may share the information with other users in your organization. 


The terms of this loyalty reward program are subject to change.